message from the ceo

Duncan DaviesI am pleased to introduce Interfor’s first-ever Corporate Sustainability Report.

Day in and day out, for more than 50 years, Interfor has been making quality lumber products, managing forests sustainably, providing meaningful and safe jobs for employees, and supporting communities.

Over the past two decades, as Interfor has grown into one of the world’s largest lumber producers, we’ve broadened our focus to embrace First Nations’ aspirations and ensure we operate within strict environmental parameters.

Equally important, we’ve put in place a governance and accountability structure to ensure we live up to our obligations.

Corporate social responsibility is not an annual report or an event; it’s an ongoing commitment to find new ways to do better and be better.

While this may be our first report, it won’t be our last.  Over the course of 2018, we will be setting new targets and developing new ways to measure our progress.

I am proud of the company we are today.  I believe this report reaffirms we are headed in the right direction.


Duncan Davies
President & Chief Executive Officer